Leg rowing fisherman, Inle Lake – Myanmar

Leg rower, Inle Lake - Myanmar

A leg rowing fisherman on Inle Lake, rowing with one leg while controlling a net. As with any great skill, they make it look so easy to balance at the end of a small boat with an oar wrapped around their leg. I’m sure I would end up in the drink after 2 seconds of paddling.

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  1. Nice capture. It tells how creative people become as they become desperate to make a living in this third world countries.

  2. Many of the lake’s villagers work in the small designs industries, which are also built on the pier-like towns, where they generate natural silk cotton and natural silk cotton materials, cheroots, and precious metal foliage art ware. 

  3. This is incredibly skilful – he is balancing the boat, rowing, and tactical fishing at the same time – any of those things alone would be impressive but together? amazing.

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