Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I was forwarned of the beauty of Lake Atitlan before I arrived, which is usually a bad thing because your expectations are set sky high. Fortunately the lake didn’t disappoint. In fact every time I saw the lake I still exclaimed a little sigh, if not audibly then definitely in my mind. I was there for ten days and I never tired of looking at those volcanic peaks.

Now I just hope I haven’t set your expectations too high.


  1. I was there for two weeks and loved it and would say it is the Central america highlight for me. Did you hike up any of the peaks? The Indian Nose was a highlight for me at sunrise

  2. James, I don’t see how such a site could disappoint. Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing place.

  3. This lake is majestic. It’s a rare sight of nature.

  4. We must have been at the lake almost the same time! I loved the sunrises, its a magical place, no disappointment here!

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