Hong Kong skyline at night – Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline at night - Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive city skylines in the world. At night the skyline is lit up with A Symphony of Lights, a light show synchronized to cheesy music. It’s an interesting to see once, but really, the skyline needs no enhancement.

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  1. John Paul Grant says:

    Im going to have to get over there at some point … looks awesome

  2.  Love the capture with the right timing for the colored light reflections of the city lights.

  3. I think HK has my favorite skyline in the world. AWESOME shot!!!

  4. I’m not a big fan of cities, but there is no denying that the view of those high rise buildings is pretty breath taking!

  5. Spectacular! I was recently in Singapore, which also has a very impressive city skyline – the best I’ve seen so far. But for me you just can’t get better than New York when it comes to skylines – purely because of how iconic it is.

  6. Hong Kong blew me away, it was far more impressive than Tokyo.

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