Dog Pis, Brussels – Belgium

Dog Pis, Brussels - Belgium

What is it with Brussels and their peeing statues? The city is famous (if you can say such a thing) for its little boy peeing statue (Manneken Pis.) In the name of gender balance there is also a little girl peeing (Jeanneke Pis.)

I found this statue on Rue Des Chartreux. I’m going to assume it is called Dog Pis (or is that Hond Pis?) [edit: it’s called Zinneke Pis.]

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I travelled to Brussels via rail thanks to as part of my My Grand Tour of Europe with Eurail. The content and photos used in this series are my own opinion.


  1. That’s a funny photo. I bet for a second my dog would mistake that for a real dog.

  2. So the capital of Europe is also a Mecca for those who love watersports, it seems. Interesting…eurgh, now I need a shower.