Coffee of the day – Portland, OR – USA

Stumptown Coffee - Portland OR USA
[Stumptown Coffee – Portland – USA]

While going through my photos for this weeks travel photo I realised I didn’t have a photo of a compelling Portland landmark. Portland is more of a place to be than a place to see. It’s an industrial city that gradually lost its way when the tradional industry moved out. Then the cool kids moved in, so to speak, and it became one of the places to be in the US.

With the cool kids came the third wave coffee movement, with Stumptown Coffee leading the way in Portland. I’m all for cities that care about coffee, so I knew I was going to like Portland.

When you get to this city you will notice that the locals are always complaining – or at least apologetic – about the weather, which is famous for its cool and drizzly climate. No need for apologies, Portlanders – your miserable days are ideal working in nice cafes kind of days for me. In fact you should market it as that, especially for people like me who tend to live in the tropics and might actually like a break from the heat and sunburn.

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  1. Friends are posting photos of autumn rain in Portland, and I must admit I’m a little homesick after these sweaty weeks of SE Asian humidity. Glad you enjoyed our favorite spot on the planet!

    • I have since been back to Portland since this trip and it is a city I love visiting. I live in the tropics and I miss Autumn as well (don’t miss winter though!)

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