Central Park, New York NY – USA

Central Park, New York NY - USA

Central Park as viewed from the Top Of The Rock (Rockefeller Center) New York – USA.

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  1. great photo! finally a snap from the Top of the Rock that’s not overexposed.

  2. Beautiful shot!

  3. Wow, beautiful city! My parents keep telling me how much they liked New York when they were there and how they want to go back there again. But even though we have traveled a lot all over the world we have never yet made it here! It is definitely time we do so! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful shot from the top of Rockefeller Plaza. New York City never seem more beautiful than from this vantage point. I love Gotham!

  5. Wow NeW York would be a great area to vacation! We will for sure add this for places to visit!

  6. One of the best photos of Central Park which i’ve seen recently.