Boy on U Bein Bridge, Amarapura – Myanmar

Boy on U Bein Bridge, Amarapura - Myanmar

At 1.2 km long U Bein Bridge is the longest teak bridge in the world. The bridge crosses over a shallow lake at Amarapura (now a suburb of Mandalay), which was the former capital of Burma.

Most guides recommend coming out in the evening to catch the bridge at sunset. I was leaving that day so I made do with a morning visit. The bridge was streaming with school kids making their daily crossing, and whenever you have a big camera hanging around your neck there are always requests for photos.

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  1. Michael Moe says:

    Still in Mandalay?If you are, I highly recommend take a trip to Monywa for palm cake, they make the best such cake.It’s fluffy and tasty. There were street vendors selling them in Than-bode-day pagoda’s compound. I had my tummy filled up with those cakes when I was there a decade ago. I’m not sure if those vendors are still there though. But, the pagoda itself is interesting. Every single wall is decorated with thousands of small buddha statue.

    • That sounds delicious. I was there in December so I missed my chance to try.

      • Michael Moe says:

        But it’s good that you aren’t there anymore in this time of year, because it’s summer time and it can get really hot. Imagine visiting a temple under the hot sun, you would be doing firewalk. 

  2. Thanks Angel!

  3. Nice photo, James. U Bein Bridge is very interesting any time of the day, but it is spectacular at sunset.

  4. OH no….. This is the last post about Myanmar??? I wanna read more about Myanmar. It’s always good to know how traveler think of My country…
    What about the food? Most tourist complain about Burmese oily curry. But they didn’t seems to know that there are variety of food rather than rice and curry which they could enjoy in difference state.

    Hope to read more about from you.

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