Boy on a bike, Georgetown, Penang – Malaysia

Boy on a bike, Georgetown, Penang - Malaysia

On the streets of Penang there are public art installations that remain from the 2012 George Town Festival. I was here last year and saw the Little Girl in Blue by Ernest Zacharevic. And here he is again with “Boy on a Bike” in Ah Quee Street.

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  1. I loved the amazing and “interactive” street art in George Town in Penang, I’m happy to see that some of it is still there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great shot! The red door really captures you into the photo.

  3. Penang… Nom Nom Nom.
    Hey James do you have any DSLR camera recommendation for DIY website pics?
    I was interested in the Nikon D4 but it doesn’t seem to have decent depth of field capacities which seem to make an average pic look great.
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ben, I’m currently using an Olympus Pen E-P3 which is a Micro 4/3 camera – a scaled down DSLR. I like using this and it is much lighter than carrying around a DSLR!

  4. Good eye!

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