Bena Village, Flores – Indonesia

Bena Village, Flores - Indonesia

Bena is a village near the city of Bajawa on the island of Flores in Indonesia. While most towns have since been concreted over there still remains some villages in Flores that have kept their traditional buildings. I visited a few of these villages on a day trip from Bajawa.


  1. Why had I never heard of that place? It is really cute! I need to go there someday.

  2. Looks nice! A little deserted as well though.

  3. Very interesting architecture, it’s definitely something that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

  4. I love the traditional buildings! Great picture!

  5. Beautiful architecture. I love unique buildings.

  6. Lovely place…I really mesmerized by the architecture of the village… I thought this village is a heritage spot.

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