Back of the bike economy: Dalat – Vietnam

Moto fish shop - Dalat, Vietnam

The streets of Vietnam are dominated by motos, and on any given day you can see all sorts of improbable cargo being delivered on the back of a bike. I spotted this mobile fish shop in Dalat.

Travel Photos: Dalat photo gallery


  1. Great shot of the mobile fish shop. SE Asia is the best place for jaw dropping sightings of what can be done with a moto – family of 6 on one, transporting sheets of window glass, and so much more. You brought back some fond memories for me today. Thanks!

  2. Amazing! And extra padding in case of an accident? 🙂

  3. That’s hilarious.

    Who ever so urgently needs a goldfish that they have it delivered by motocycle? Gotta love SE Asia.

  4. That’s hilarious, there are some seriously big fish in those bags!


  5. Incredible -mobile aquarium shop!
    I observed that the motos and moto taxis were also the most dominant form of transport in Tarapoto, in the Peruvian highland jungle.

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