Travel BlogCamp 2009 and the Future of TBC

One of the best events during the World Travel Market week in 2008 was the Travel BlogCamp, which was started by Darren Cronian of

Word had obviously got out what a great event it was as TBC 2009 was sold out within 18 hours.

The 2009 event was once again put on by Darren and moderated by Kevin May from

The event began with an introduction to the sponsors, followed by a Q&A session. The topic that was most prominent was Twitter. Kevin noted that at last years event Twitter wasn’t even mentioned.

The night featured five speakers with various backgrounds in social media and travel blogging.

Joel Brandon-Bravo from Frommer’s discussed Web 3.0 (real time web) and news sites possibly using a pay for content model.

Guillaume Thevenot spoke about his industry leading Hotel Blog that he writes in his spare time outside of his day job.

Eva Keogan from covered company blogging and Twitter strategies.

Murray Harrold from Advantage Travel shared his experience as a travel agent going from a High St to online travel store.

Darren finished the night off with the good and ugly side of travel blogging. There was a lot of ugly to talk about with the dangers of litigation travel bloggers face by publishing editorial and unmoderated comments left by the public.

It was a great night all round and if it wasn’t for Kevin’s moderation we’d still be there now debating the topics covered (there was enough free food to keep us going for another week).

I have been fortunate enough to attend the first two Travel BlogCamps, and if I can I will attend in 2010 as well.

If I could add my feedback I would like to see a bigger event. I have spoken to Darren about this and he wants to keep it as a small event. I can understand his point that the smaller event makes it more interactive. The current event is timed with the WTM so there is also the limitation of time people have with their commitments at that event.

What I would like to see would be a weekend event held at another time of year (ahem, preferably in a warmer month). There is a travel bloggers weekend happening in the US in 2010. I would like to see a UK version.

Darren spoke about how he hasn’t taken Travel Rants full time as travel companies aren’t exactly lining up to offer sponsorship on a site that rants about travel. I wouldn’t expect Darren put on another event like this either, given the amount of unpaid time it takes up. I am sure though that there would be enough people willing to form a committee to put on a Travel Blogcamp Weekend in London (or elsewhere in the UK).

Would anyone else attend a Travel Blogcamp weekend?

[edit: links to have been removed as the site is now closed.]

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  1. I’d be up for this without doubt! I flew over especially for the event ( my recap at ), and enjoyed it thoroughly, but would have loved to have gotten to know more people & chatted face-to-face for longer. I like the idea of keeping it smallish though running a weekend like this away from WTM would probably automatically limit the number of attendees. Then again, if it’s in London again, there should be plenty able to attend.

    So where do I sign up?! :)

  2. @Sam Daams I didn’t know you were there, which illustrates your point exactly. I would have liked to have said hi seeing that I have seen you around online so much. I did recognise a few other people from their avatars, but didn’t get the opportunity to introduce myself.


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