The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters

I found a cafe in Belgrade that has perhaps the best name in the history of cafes: The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters.

I had read about the cafe and I went purely for the alluring name. I otherwise never would have found this place on my wanders. It is downstairs in a basement and the only bit of advertising out the front is above the door buzzer.

The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters
[The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters]

It is furnished with an eclectic variety of furniture and art work, much of it donated by friends of the place over the years. I fell in love with it immediately. If I had a home, this is how I would furnish it.

At night it transforms into a music club, which doesn’t suit my sitting in cafes writing kind of style, so I went in the early afternoon when it wasn’t too busy.

They have wireless internet but I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I used the time to write some notes. I would have left the place sooner but happened to be playing Dead Can Dance CD’s and I was just enjoying the place too much.

The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters Coffee
[The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters Coffee]

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  1. Tara Bradford says:

    That IS a fantastic name for a cafe! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. That cafe looks amazing. Please can I be transported there…now!

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