Revisiting Bangkok

When a man is tired of Bangkok, he is tired of life

Siam Square Traffic - Bangkok
[Siam Square – Bangkok]

Bangkok was the third city in my seven city tour of Asia with Club Carlson. Being based in Southeast Asia I pass through Bangkok a few times a year, either as a transit hub or for business/travel meet ups. It’s a city I never get tired of visiting, so when I saw that Bangkok was on my itinerary I was happy to have an excuse to go back.

If you have been to London you’ve probably read the Samuel Johnson quote, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” For me this maxim also applies for Bangkok.

Revisiting Cities

I wrote about revisiting cities recently when I returned to Ho Chi Minh City (my current home base). Bangkok is another city that I continually revisit, and each trip I discover something new. Bangkok has a population of 8 to 14 million people (depending on where you draw the city boundary) so it ridiculous to say that you have “done” Bangkok.

Wat Pho Reclining Buddha
[Wat Pho Reclining Buddha]

Case in point, on this trip I went down to the river and revisited Wat Pho, and on the way back I passed through the flower market near China Town and discovered streets I have never wandered before.

Flower Market - Bangkok
[Flower Market – Bangkok]

On the walk back I went by a new cafe that has opened since I was last here, Too Fast To Sleep (thanks to Chewy Travels for the tip). This cafe looks and feels like a library and is a good place to do some work, especially as it is open 24 hours (and I will be adding this to the Bangkok cafe list).

Too Fast Too Sleep - Cafe: Bangkok
[Too Fast Too Sleep – Cafe: Bangkok]

Where I Stayed

Continuing with this Carlson Club Global Travelers promotion, I’m staying as a guest in properties from the Carlson Rezidor hotel group in each destination. In Bangkok I stayed at the Park Plaza Sukhumvit Hotel.

Nomadic Notes - Travel photos: Bangkok - Park Plaza Sukhumvit Bangkok
[My room at Park Plaza Sukhumvit.]

Read my full review of the Park Plaza Sukhumvit Hotel.

Global TravelersThis post was part of the Global Travelers series, in conjunction with Club Carlson. I visited seven destinations across Asia over three weeks, reporting from each destination in real time. The destinations were:
Davao (Philippines), Phuket (Thailand), Bangkok (Thailand), Mamallapuram (India), Jaipur (India), Chongqing (China), Shanghai (China).

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  1. I enjoy your photos. Seeing the streets, market, coffee shop, hotel room and pool, one can imagine being there.

    I, too, like revisiting places I’ve been before.

  2. How much does a night at the Park Plaza Sukhumvit Hotel cost?

  3. i agree. I don’t think I will ever get “done” with Bangkok.
    Oh how I miss the city!

  4. wow that room and cafe looks amazing! I would love to visit Bangkok, this article has made it sound very exciting indeed

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