New Country Day: Myanmar (Burma)

New Country: Myanmar (Burma)
Date: 19 November 2011

Myanmar Visa

Myanmar (or the artist formerly known as Burma) has long been on my to visit list. Over 10 years ago one of my good travel friends described the temples of Bagan to me in such a way that I have wanted to go ever since.

For western travellers there is an ethical debate over whether to visit Myanmar(PDF file), and on top of that the restricted internet makes for challenging travel for digital nomads like myself. I have arrived here though at a time when things might be changing, as they are in lands around the world in 2011. While the internet here is painfully slow, many restrictions have recently been lifted (such as you can now view Facebook). Then the day before I arrived Obama announced he was going to send Hillary Clinton to Myanmar.

I will be in Myanmar for a month and I suspect the internet will be slower as I head inland, and in some places I wont have internet access at all. I am concerned I might get internet withdrawals and break out into a cold sweat, but I will take this time out to catch up on some reading and make the most of my time being unplugged.


  1. Gotpassport says:

    Mingalar baa shin!  You will no doubt fall in love with my home land.  I’m jealous a bit, but looking forward to being there w my parents soon.  

  2. Thorn Tree travel forum has a post discussing good books on Myanmar. You may be interested in it. Check the webpage:
    Have a nice trip;-)

  3. Myanmar surprisingly keeps making the headlines for good news. Recently I just read that the government will loosen control over the media and Aung San Suu Kyi will be eligible to run for any political position.

  4. Can you roam around freely now in Myanmar? 

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