New Country Day: Croatia

Country: Croatia
Date: 23 May 2012

Croatia passport stamp
[Croatia passport stamp]

It is my tradition on this site to mark when I enter country for the first time (New Country Day) with a blog post. I have only a few countries left that I haven’t been to in Europe, mostly in the Balkans.

I am travelling around Europe thanks to who supplied me a 10 day Global travel pass to try out. When I saw that Croatia is included on the pass I knew I had to visit, even if only to give me a taste. As this is only a short visit, I will not be going to the islands, but my impression so far is that I will need to return and explore this corner of Europe more thoroughly.

More Croatia posts to come.


  1. Enjoy a country that I have heard the most wonderful things about!

  2. Croatia is lovely, but have you made it to Norway yet? Summer with long, white nights is the perfect time šŸ™‚

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