Meaty T-shirts spotted around Harajuku, Tokyo

I did a 5 day stop-over in Tokyo in 2007 en route to London from Australia. One thing I really wanted to see was the Harajuku girls and associated sub-culture. What I didn’t know until I got there was that all the cool stuff at Harajuku happens on the weekend. I was in Tokyo from Monday to Friday, so I missed out. This just gives me another excuse to return to Tokyo (not that I need one).

Even if you are there during the week Harajuku is worth checking out for the shopping. Lot’s of unique stuff you can get so when people ask where you got that special something, you can give your coolest look and say “I got this in Tokyo”.

I saw this T-shirt which made me laugh. I’m not laughing at Big Bird copping it in the neck, it’s the maniacal faces of Ernie and Bert that does it for me.

The Last Supper

For my vegetarian friends here is a more sombre collection of meat on the table T-shirts.

Dinner Table Animals


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