Jalan Jaksa – The backpacker budget accommodation street in Jakarta

For backpackers and budget travellers arriving in Jakarta, Jalan Jaksa is the the best option to find budget accommodation.

The jalan (street) has Losmen (basic flophouse style accommodation) and budget hotels. This type of accommodation is not bookable online so you have to look around for a place once you arrive.

Jalan Jaksa - Jakarta
[Jalan Jaksa]

While Jalan Jaksa is no where near the size of Khao san Rd in Bangkok (or the same liveliness), it serves a similar function as a good hub for travellers while passing through Jakarta on the way to other points in Indonesia.

Cafe on Jalan Jaksa
[Cafe on Jalan Jaksa]

As well as budget accommodation there are plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants and mini-marts.

Jalan Jaksa Minimart
[Jalan Jaksa Minimart]

There are also netcafes and travel agents that can book bus tickets, airfares and tours. Many of the cafes also have free wi-fi for customers.

Jalan Jaksa Travel Agent
[Jalan Jaksa Travel Agent]

Second hand books for sale on Jalan Jaksa
[Second hand books for sale on Jalan Jaksa]

Getting to Jalan Jaksa
From the Airport the cheapest way to Jalan Jaksa is the bus service which runs to Jakarta Gambir Station, the main train station of Jakarta. From the station Jalan Jaksa is about 1.5 kilmetres aways, which a three-wheel motorcycle taxi (bajaj) can take you.

If you are arriving in Jakarta by train, get off at Gambir and follow the directions as above, or if your trains stops at Gondangdia, then get off at this station as it is only 500 metres from there.


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    Indeed, Jalan Jaksa is the perfect place for foreigners to meet. Nice to know you’ve enjoying your time in Jakarta. Come again!


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