Good Idea: Free wi-fi on trains

Free wi-fi on MBTA

The commuter transit system that serves Boston has free wi-fi on their trains. I tried the system out when I got the train from Boston to Providence (RI). The signal dropped out a few times along the way, but I was able to load up enough pages to read for the duration of the trip.


  1. Darren Cronian says:

    When I take the East coast line between Leeds and London Kings Cross you receive free wifi onboard. I have heard a lot of people complain about the service but to be honest I have never had any problems.

    • @Darren glad to hear that wi-fi is on the UK trains as well. I didn’t expect to get the best service so I was happy enough to load up some blogs and newspaper articles I wanted to read.

  2. That is great news! I love traveling by train and now you can save time just by doing all the online stuff you have to do while waiting to get from one place to another. Cool!