Coffee of the day: Pakse – Laos

Sometimes a combination of events will come together to make a really good coffee even better. This was the case in Pakse, Laos.

I had spent 6 hours on a local chicken bus from Vientiane, which was filled to standing room and baking hot. By the time I got to Pakse I was dreaming of an iced coffee. Lucky for me Pakse is home to Delta Coffee, which is a cafe that has its own coffee plantation.

Coffee of the day: Pakse – Laos


  1. Rachel Rogers says:

    Hi!! I have just come back from Pakse where i met Alan the owner of Delta Coffee, and went to his coffee plantation and watched him roast the coffee. I was very impressed. It is hard to find good coffee in these places . There is also a cafe of his in north east thailand! I am planning to sell the same coffee back here in South australia if you are interested~!

    • Hi Rachel, that’s great news! I was so disappointed I didn’t get to go to the coffee plantation. I went back to the cafe the next day and it had closed for the week for Chinese New Year. I really wanted to get the “Mr Coffee” bags of coffee and I was going to buy them before leaving. Send me a link when you have your coffee on sale.

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