NotVOIP – Use any phone, anywhere, to make international calls.

NotVOIPOne of the joys of running an online business is not having to do any sales or customer service over the phone. Any calls I do make I get by with Skype, or mobile if it’s a local call.

As much as I love Skype though, sometimes it’s just not a viable option. To get around those times when I am on the road and I need to make an important phone call I use the NotVOIP app.


NotVOIP is a service that enables you to make landline quality phone calls via ‘callback’.

I tested out this app when I was in Malaysia and I needed to call my bank in Australia. The wifi at my guest house was patchy and was making my Skype calls sound robotic, and the cafes in town were too noisy.

NotVOIP is available as an Android or iPhone app and can be used without internet. For this app you will need an actual phone number. In my case I had a Malaysian pay-as-you-go sim card, which I get in any country I am spending some time in. To make a call, open the NotVOIP app and dial the number you want to call. NotVOIP will then call you back.

I dialled the Australian phone number, NotVoIP then called me back on my phone. Once I answered the call I was connected automatically to the number. Sure enough, the call quality was as if I was on a landline with no noticeable delay or echo, and I was able to use the touchpad menu as well.

Rates vary according to country. It’s not as cheap as Skype, but it is definitely worth it for those occasions when a VOIP call isn’t going to cut it.

NotVOIP Free Credit

NotVOIP are offering free credit for Nomadic Notes readers so you can try it out for yourself. Register a new account using this link and your account will receive $2 credit which is good for 20 minutes talk time, depending on destination.

Register at:

It's not VOIP


  1. Cheers, that’s really good

  2. I didn’t know they had apps for callback now. That’s convenient. I’ll keep this one for future reference.

  3. Hello travellers. My name is Vlad. I used to own It has been acquired by Spaxtel telecom. Better features and great support from my friends at Spaxtel. All your NotVoIP balance and accounts transferred to spaxtel. Good travels!

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