The Great Theatre of Ephesus, Turkey

Theatre Ephesus

The Great Theatre of Ephesus, Turkey. Ephesus is one of the best preserved classical cities the Mediterranean region. With the excavated streets connecting well preserved/restored Roman structures, such as the Great Theatre, you can get a feel for what a Roman city might have looked like. Travel Photos: Ephesus Photo Gallery

In Pictures: Fairy chimneys and churches of Cappadocia – Turkey

The Church of St John - Cappadocia

After driving across the dusty Anatolian plateau the entry into the region of Cappadocia is marked by a landscape like no other. It starts off with one or two fairy chimneys, then a whole valley will open up to these remarkable rock formations. [Fairy Chimneys] [Monks Valley - Pasabag] In addition to the draw of […]