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Travel Guides > Spain > Seville Travel Guide Accommodation Seville hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Seville with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides – Seville information from Spain’s official tourism portal. Explore Seville – Seville information covering hotels and hostals, restaurants and tapas bars, travel information, tourist sights, photos, nightlife, transportation, money, […]

Madrid Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Spain > Madrid Travel Guide Accommodation Madrid hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Madrid with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides Visit Madrid – Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau. Feel Madrid – Information about hotels, museums, transport, landmarks, people, and events. Go Madrid – City guide for sights and attractions, tours, […]

Barcelona Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Spain > Barcelona Travel Guide Accommodation Barcelona hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Barcelona with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides Turisme de Barcelona – Official tourism website of Barcelona. Barcelona Metropolitan – Lifestyle magazine guide to living in and visiting Barcelona. Barcelona Yellow – Barcelona Yellow Pages and travel guide. […]

Spain Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Spain Travel Guide Destination Guides Barcelona Madrid Seville Accommodation Spain hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Spain with lowest rates guaranteed. Blog Posts How to survive Spanish banks – By Venga, Vale, Vamos. Guide Books Lonely Planet Spain (Travel Guide) Photos Spain Photo Gallery – Photo gallery of my visits […]

What does Franco look like?


Outside the fortress walls of Melilla La Vieja is a statue of Franco. It was here in the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the North African coast that Franco launched the Spanish Civil War in 1936. [Franco Statue] Looking into his face I realised that I didn’t know what Franco looked like. The Spanish Civil […]

Melilla, Spain, sort of

Pleasure Yacht Harbour

Melilla is an autonomous city of Spain on the Moroccan coast, so when you cross the border you are technically in the EU. [Pleasure Yacht Harbour] Once you cross the border the difference is noticable in the standard of infrastructure and general cleaniness on the streets. The increase in prices is also noticable. As in […]

Spain to Morocco by ferry

Tarifa Jet

I travelled to Morocco from London from which there are many low cost airline flights. I wanted to arrive in Morocco via the classic ferry to Tangier so I opted for a flight to the South of Spain instead. There are numerous airports in Andalucia that you could possibly fly to from London. I chose […]

Church tiles of Andalucia

Church Tiles

I’m not a Jesus man but really love the ceramic tiled religious art that adorn the churches and cathedrals in Andalucia. [Jerez de la Frontera] [Cadiz] [Granada] [Seville] [Cordoba] [Fuengirola]

A taste of home – British food on the Costa del Sol

Queen Vic

The Costa del Sol has been a favourite for British holiday makers and expats for decades. This is apparent in the amount of British pubs and fish and chip shops along the coast. A recent report in The Independent highlights the contribution of UK migrants to the Spanish economy: UK migrants fuelling Spanish boom. [The […]

Jesus calling, Granada – Spain

Jesus - Grenada

Jesus calling – Granada, Spain. Travel Photos: Granada photo gallery