Belgrade Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Serbia > Belgrade Travel Guide Accommodation Belgrade hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Belgrade with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides Visit Belgrade – Official website. Belgrade My Way – Belgrade’s top attractions, find things to do and places to eat, drink and party. Still in Belgrade – Independent online magazine […]

The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters

I found a cafe in Belgrade that has perhaps the best name in the history of cafes: The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters. I had read about the cafe and I went purely for the alluring name. I otherwise never would have found this place on my wanders. It is downstairs in a basement and […]

Notes on Belgrade: A curious mix of Classical and Commie Europe

Visiting Belgrade When I was growing up Belgrade was one of those cities that I had only heard of on the news. Just like the other Bel -Belfast – whenever you would hear about Belgrade it was always for all the wrong reasons. Belgrade has emerged from the troubled breakup of Yugoslavia, and is now […]

New Country Day: Serbia

I arrived in Serbia by train from Hungary, travelling from Szeged to Subotica. It occured to me when my passport was getting stamped that I can never arrive in Serbia for the first time again. Being new in a country can only happen about 200 times in your life, give or take the number over […]