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Faro Departure Board: England to Portugal airlift

Faro Departure Board

[Faro Departure Board] Looking at this departure board at Faro Airport you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a domestic airport in the U.K. Indeed The Algarve in the South of Portugal could be renamed the South of England. Out of the 15 flights shown here, 11 are for the U.K, 2 are […]

The artistically paved footpaths of Portugal

Portugal Paving

All over Lisbon, and indeed all over Portugal, the streets are paved with little square limestone blocks. Many are works of art in themselves and I found myself looking at the pavement as often as the surrounding historic buildings.

Portugals Portal To Paris

Picoas – Lisbon

[Picoas Metro Entry] A possible portal to Paris via Picoas – Lisbon. This metro entrance is modelled on the famous Paris Metro art nouveau entrances.

Lisbon Guitarist Crossing

Lisbon Crossing

[Lisbon Guitarist Crossing] Traditional Portuguese guitarists cross here.

Number 28 Tram, Lisbon – Portugal

Number 28 Tram

[Number 28 Tram, Lisbon – Portugal] The number 28 tram in Lisbon – probably the best tram in the world. Travel Photos: Lisbon photo gallery