Save money on flights using alternative airports in Europe

Schiphol Airport

Before my first trip to Europe I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where Karlsruhe, Katowice or Klagenfurt was on the map. Since then I not only know where they are, I have used their airports and have saved hundreds of Euros in the process. [Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Closest isn't always cheapest] My […]

5 Amsterdam coffee shops that aren’t “coffeeshops”

Amsterdam Coffeeshop

Amsterdam is world famous for its coffee shops, but as a non-smoker I have no interest in these “coffee shops”. [Cannabis coffeeshop displaying Coffeeshop license] The Netherlands doesn’t rate high in the coffee making stakes in Europe. The typical coffee of the Netherlands is filter coffee. Coffee shops that aren’t coffee shops in a land […]

Remote Working in Amsterdam


I have been in the Netherlands and Germany for the last week and I now find myself in Amsterdam for a few days. I always forget how beautiful this city is. I could walk around the canal lined streets for days, which I have done plenty of times before. As it turns out it’s been […]

Coffee of the Day: Schiedam – Netherlands

Schiedam Coffee

Next door to modern Rotterdam is Schiedam, a picture postcard version of Holland. Schiedam is a separate city to Rotterdam, though it is practically a suburb and is part of the Rotterdam metro system. In Schiedam you will find everything you thought a Holland town should have: windmills, canals, old world homes and warehouses, and […]