Bab El Mansour Gate, Meknes – Morocco

Bab El Mansour Gate, Meknes - Morocco.

Bab El Mansour Gate, Meknes – Morocco. Travel Photos: Meknes Photo Gallery

Flight Review: Ryanair – Nador to Marseille

Nador Airport

Flight: Ryanair FR6012 Date: 25 Nov 2008 From: Nador (NDR), Morocoo To: Marseille(MRS), France When I’m in Europe I always look at the Ryanair map and see if there are any airports near where I’m going to be. It’s a fun map to play with because they have so many destination airports. [Ryanair Destinations 2008] […]

Melilla, Spain, sort of

Pleasure Yacht Harbour

Melilla is an autonomous city of Spain on the Moroccan coast, so when you cross the border you are technically in the EU. [Pleasure Yacht Harbour] Once you cross the border the difference is noticable in the standard of infrastructure and general cleaniness on the streets. The increase in prices is also noticable. As in […]

Cycling around Africa

Africa Tandem

I met a French couple in Fes who are cycling around Africa on a tandem bike. [Africa Tandem] As you can see from the map they are just starting out on their journey. [Africa Tandem Map] What an epic trip – I wish them well. If you can read French you can follow them at […]

No scaffolding required, Marrakech – Morocco

Painter Marrakech

I was at a cafe watching this guy paint the whole wall of this building. No scaffolding or cherry pickers, just a very long ladder.

Second hand teeth from the Marrakech market dentist

Second Hand Teeth

Medical tourism is all the rage these days. I have friends in England who swear by their dentists in Hungary and Poland. Why go to Eastern Europe though when you can go to Northern Africa. [Marrakech Market Dentist] This dentist at Djemaa el-Fna, the market square in Marrakech, will repair your dentures on the spot. […]

Where I Stayed: Hotel de Foucauld, Marrakech – Morocco

Hotel de Foucauld, Marrakech

Morocco is an excellent budget travel destination if you have just come from Europe. The hotels at the cheap end of the scale tend to be old places with ecclectic flair. I have found that the best places to stay are either in the Ville Nouvelle (the “new” town areas that were built by the […]

Buying orange juice at Djemaa el-Fna Marrakech

Orange Juice Stands

Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech is famous for its orange juice stands. Here you can get a freshly squeezed juice for 3 Dirham (35 cents US). [Djemaa el-Fna orange juice stands] Buying a juice should be a simple procedure that doesn’t need instructions, but here are some tips to be aware of. Some of the juice […]

Djemaa el-Fna Marrakech

Djemaa el-Fna Marrakech

Djemaa el-Fna is the main square of the Marrakech Medina and the most famous market place in Morocco. [Djemaa el-Fna] It is here that you will find snake charmers, dancers and musicians, potions and bush remedies and carnival type side shows – anything from miniature golf to boxing. [Djemaa el-Fna bush remedies] When I arrived […]

Moroccan Mint Tea

Mint Tea

Mint Tea is the drink they drink around here in Morocco. You’ll see people drinking in cafes, and traders will often offer you a free cup when you are shopping in the markets. [Mint Tea] I tried it and I must say it wasn’t my cup of tea, so to speak. To me the taste […]