Train travel with a Benelux Rail Pass

Centrale Luxembourg

If you are planning to travel in Belgium and the Netherlands then you may want to consider a Benelux rail pass. (Benelux stands for BElgium NEtherlands and LUXembourg). For European residents there is the Benelux pass from InterRail, and for non European residents the Benelux train pass is available from Rail Europe. This pass can […]

How to get to Luxembourg

Luxembourg Airport

By Air Luxembourg airport is 6km from the city. It is the home base for Luxair, the national flag carrier airline. There are flights from London by British Airways and VLM Airways. The airport is a small regional airport so I was surprised to see 747’s at an airport serving a city with a population […]

Notes on Luxembourg City

Grund Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg is the capital of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a pocket sized little country in Western Europe of just 82km long and 57km wide. Luxembourger’s are a linguistic lot, having three official languages: French, German and Luxembourgish. English is also taught at schools as well. Luxembourg is famous for its private […]