The inner beauty of Italian Churches

Bergamo Church

The Cathedral of Bergamo (Duomo di Bergamo) is an unassuming building on the outside which gives no hint of its magnificence inside. [Bergamo Duomo] This is typical of cathedrals and churches in Italy. This means that every time I walk past a seemingly unremarkable church I can’t help but have a peek inside because you […]

Milan Central Station

Milano Centrale platforms and roof

Travel by train to Italy and the chances are you will pass through Milano Centrale, which is one of Europe’s biggest railway hub stations. [Milano Centrale] [Milano Centrale Hall] [Milano Centrale platforms and roof] [Milano Centrale departure and arrival board] Renovations The station is undergoing a major renovation. They are building escalators in the middle […]

Grand Genoa


Genoa (Genova) is a port city in Northern Italy with an abundance of grand buildings, fitting for a city called la Superba (“the Superb one”). If Genoa was in any other country it would propably get more visitors. The thing with Italy is that the big three (Rome, Florence and Venice) so dominate the tourist […]