Don’t go to Bremen, they said – It’s an industrial scheiße-stadt, they said

Bremen - Germany

I don’t remember who “they” were. Perhaps it was a collection of travellers over the years; a disgruntled salesmen who had been covering Northern Germany for too long; or maybe it was from an actual Bremener I’d met in my travels. Who ever it was, they added to be the voice in my head that […]

Hostel Review: Ost-Apotheke Hostel, Leipzig – Germany

Ost-Apotheke Hostel

Hostel Name: Ost-Apotheke Hostel Address: Wurzner Str 1, Leipzig, Germany I stayed at the Ost-Apotheke Hostel in Leipzig Germany. I was hosted by Hostels Club, who picked out the hostel for my stay. Leipzig is has had a bit of a renaissance over the last few years and has even been called the new Berlin. […]

Hostel Review: Generator Hostel Hamburg, Germany

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hostel Name: Generator Hostel Hamburg Address: Steintorpl. 3, Hamburg, Germany I stayed at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg, Germany. I stayed as a guest of the hostel who provided a private room for a night. I am familiar with the Generator Hostels brand, which has hostels in cities around Europe. They are one of the […]

Munich Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Germany > Munich Travel Guides Accommodation Munich hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Munich with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides – Official website for Munich (München), capital of Bavaria. Destination Munich – Travel guide with information on things to see and what to do, hotels, and Munich Oktoberfest. Inside […]

Berlin Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Germany > Berlin Travel Guides Accommodation Berlin hotels – Search for discount for hotels in Berlin with lowest rates guaranteed. Travel Guides Visit Berlin – Official tourism site for Berlin. Berlin – City portal. Berlin Germany Fanclub – Travel guide to Berlin featuring history, tourism, sightseeing. Slow Travel Berlin – A repository […]

Germany Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Germany Travel Guide Destination Guides Berlin Munich

Beautiful Fountain, Nuremberg – Germany

Beautiful Fountain, Nuremberg - Germany

Nuremberg was an unexpected surprise for me. I went here solely to see the museum that stands at the Nazi party rally grounds (more on that later). What I didn’t expect to find was an old town which was worthy of more time that I had allocated for Nuremberg. At the old market square I […]

Man-birds of Offenburg – Germany

Man-birds of Offenburg - Germany

Travelling long distances by rail in Europe will often require one or two changes of train. On my trip from Strasbourg to Nuremberg I had about ninety minutes between connecting trains in Offenburg (which made three types of bergs in one day). Hitherto that day I had never heard of Offenburg, but I as the […]

U-Bahn Passage, Essen – Germany


U-Bahn Passage, Essen – Germany. Travel Photos: Essen Photo Gallery

Salvatorkirche and Rathaus, Duisburg – Germany


Salvatorkirche and Rathaus (city hall), Duisburg – Germany. Travel Photos: Duisburg Photo Gallery