Hostel Review: Plus Berlin

Hostel Name: Plus Berlin Address: Warschauer Pl. 6, Berlin, Germany I stayed at the hostel Plus Berlin as a guest of Plus Hostels. Plus Berlin is one of most highly rated hostels in Berlin so I stayed to review their service. Plus Berlin is ideally situated for visitors. The hostel is a five minute walk […]

The Green Citadel of Magdeburg

I’m a fan of the Austrian artist and architect Hundertwasser. Whenever I find myself in Austria or Germany (where most of his work is) I make a diversion to visit one. In the case of the Green Citadel of Magdeburg I was on my way from Hamburg to Leipzig, and I saw I could go […]

An hour and fifteen minutes in Hanover (not that I was counting)

Actually I was counting, but not in the sense that I was counting down the minutes until I could leave. My travels from Hamburg to Leipzig required a change of trains in Hanover (Hannover in German). Rather than wait on the platform I gave myself a mini-tour of Hanover. I had an hour and fifteen […]

Hostel Review: Übernacht Hostel, Augsburg – Germany

Hostel Name: Übernacht Hostel Address: Karlstr. 4, Augsburg, Germany I stayed at the Übernacht Hostel in Augsburg, Germany. I booked online and paid $22.91 USD for a bed in a 6-bed mixed dormitory room. This is the second time I’ve stayed in Augsburg, and both times were because I could find a last minute room […]

Hotel Review: MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe, Frankfurt – Germany

Hotel Name: MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe Address: 64 Europaallee, Frankfurt am Main, Germany I stayed at the MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt/Main Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. I stayed as a guest of the Meininger hotel group to review their hotel (and I previously reviewed their Salzburg hotel). Meininger (stylised as MEININGER but I feel like I’m yelling […]

The Speicherstadt, the watery warehouse district in Hamburg

What’s better than an industrial brick-warehouse district? An industrial brick-warehouse district with canals. The Speicherstadt (city of warehouses in German) is the largest warehouse district in the world built on timber-pile foundations. Knowing how much of Hamburg was destroyed in the war it’s amazing to see so much pre-war industrial architecture that survived (around half […]

Hostel Review: Station Hostel Backpackers, Cologne – Germany

Hostel Name: Station Hostel Backpackers Address: Marzellenstr. 44-56, Cologne, Germany I stayed at the Station Hostel Backpackers in Cologne, Germany. I booked online and paid 20 EUR for a single bed in a 4-bed dorm. I booked it mainly for its proximity to the train station which – as its name alludes – is near […]

Don’t go to Bremen, they said – It’s an industrial scheiße-stadt, they said

I don’t remember who “they” were. Perhaps it was a collection of travellers over the years; a disgruntled salesmen who had been covering Northern Germany for too long; or maybe it was from an actual Bremener I’d met in my travels. Who ever it was, they added to be the voice in my head that […]

Hostel Review: Ost-Apotheke Hostel, Leipzig – Germany

Hostel Name: Ost-Apotheke Hostel Address: Wurzner Str 1, Leipzig, Germany I stayed at the Ost-Apotheke Hostel in Leipzig Germany. I was hosted by Hostels Club, who picked out the hostel for my stay. Leipzig is has had a bit of a renaissance over the last few years and has even been called the new Berlin. […]

Hostel Review: Generator Hostel Hamburg, Germany

Hostel Name: Generator Hostel Hamburg Address: Steintorpl. 3, Hamburg, Germany I stayed at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg, Germany. I stayed as a guest of the hostel who provided a private room for a night. I am familiar with the Generator Hostels brand, which has hostels in cities around Europe. They are one of the […]