A day in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik - Croatia

I only had a brief amount of time to visit Croatia so I opted not to visit any islands on this trip. I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish, so I limited myself to visiting a few key cities. One city I’ve always wanted to visit was the UNESCO World Heritage Site of […]

The historic World Heritage Site of Split – Croatia

Split - Croatia

I based my decision to come to Split purely on the Eurail map. This was part of the appeal for me with travelling with a Eurail pass. As this is the first time I have travelled to a European country without a guidebook I had no idea what to expect. Not that I am against […]

The underrated goodness of Zagreb

Angels Zagreb Cathedral

Having lived and travelled in Europe for a several years of my life, I have more than a few times heard people not talk so highly of Zagreb. Mostly Europeans who are more interested in heading for the beaches of Croatia rather than visit yet another European city. Coming from Australia, what I call a […]

New Country Day: Croatia

Croatia Passport Stamp

Country: Croatia Date: 23 May 2012 [Croatia passport stamp] It is my tradition on this site to mark when I enter country for the first time (New Country Day) with a blog post. I have only a few countries left that I haven’t been to in Europe, mostly in the Balkans. I am travelling around […]