In Pictures: Beautiful buildings of Detroit

Michigan Central Station - Detroit

Detroit?! You’re going to Detroit?! Why? This was the most common reaction I heard when detailing my US travel plans to Americans. Occasionally I would meet someone more curious who thought it was a good idea, but they were few and far between. They wanted to go for the same reason I did: ruin porn […]

CN Tower, Toronto – Canada

CN Tower - Toronto

This was my second visit to Toronto, and both times I was here for a conference. In fact I have now been to Canada three times, and every time for a conference. I wanted to see more of Toronto this time, so I gave myself a week to do some wandering. Even with the extra […]

[Travel Photo] London in red, London – UK

Holborn- London

[London in red] 2013 marked the fifteenth year in a row that I have visited London. That is the longest run I’ve had for any destination, and one that I am happy to continue. It all started in 1999 when I first arrived in London on a working holiday visa. That counted for three calendar […]

Supertree Grove – Singapore

Supertree Grove - Singapore

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay is a forest of tree-like structures that have become an instant landmark in this part of Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay is a new park that has been built on reclaimed land, behind the massive Marina Bay Sands hotel, and next to the Singapore river. The […]

Ridiculously skinny buildings of Vietnam [Ho Chi Minh City]

Skinny Buildings - Vietnam

[A tall and skinny building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.] Spend any amount of time in Vietnam and you will soon notice that there are skinny buildings everywhere. Some are so slender that they barely look like they could fit a double bed across. Don’t ask me how they would get a double bed […]

[Travel Photo] Holiday Inn windows, Bangkok – Thailand

Holiday Inn Silom

For many people Bangkok is a tough city to love. I like big cities so I always enjoy coming back, and for those who don’t like it I have long since given up defending the city. In fact I’ve given up defending any city I like that someone else hates. It’s a waste of energy […]

In Pictures: Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles

I have been to Los Angeles a number of times yet I had never been to the downtown area. When I first came to LA, in 1996, the Downtown area was still off the map for tourists. It was the America that you heard on the news, with crime riddled streets and Americas largest skid […]

[Travel Photo] Theme Building, Los Angeles International Airport

Theme Building

While LAX might be one of my least favourite airports in the world, I will never tire of seeing this building. The Theme Building was completed in 1961 and it looks like what the future was meant to look like. Instead we got glass boxes. Travel Photos: LAX Photo Gallery Travel Guides: LA Travel Guide

Hong Kong skyline at night – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong has one of the most impressive city skylines in the world. At night the skyline is lit up with A Symphony of Lights, a light show synchronized to cheesy music. It’s an interesting to see once, but really, the skyline needs no enhancement. Travel Photos: Hong Kong Island Photo Gallery

Lazi Convent, Siquijor – Philippines

Lazi Convent

[Lazi Convent, Siquijor – Philippines] The island of Siquijor is infamous for black magic, to the point where at the ferry terminal there is a billboard proclaiming that there is in fact no black magic on this island. Even without black magic it was a island worthy of a visit. If you are novice motorbike […]