Brussels Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Belgium > Brussels Travel Guide Accommodation HotelsCombined – Brussels Hotels – Search and compare all Brussels hotel deals from hundreds of accommodation sites at once. Travel Guides Visit Brussels – Official website of the Tourism and Convention Bureau of Brussels (Bruxelles/Brussel), capital of Belgium and Europe. Brussels Life – Guide to Brussels […]

Bruges Travel Guide

Travel Guides > Belgium > Bruges Travel Guide Accommodation HotelsCombined – Bruges Hotels – Search and compare all Bruges hotel deals from hundreds of accommodation sites at once. Travel Guides – Official tourism website of Bruges/Brugge. USE-IT – Bruges tourist guide for young people. Bruges Info – Visitor guide featuring attractions, restaurants, bars and […]

In Pictures: Calatrava’s Liège-Guillemins train station

Liège-Guillemins train station

In 2007 I was railing my way around Benelux when I passed through Liège-Guillemins station. The station was undergoing a transformative reconstruction that looked so out of the ordinary that I knew would have to come back to see the finished work. [Liège-Guillemins station] Before I even knew anything about the station one name sprang […]

How to get from Paris to Brussels by local train – The alternative to high speed rail


See four cities in one day and save on high speed rail reservation fees. One of the things I love about having a Eurail Pass is being able to jump onto almost any train and go. While there are some train services that require a reservation fee, this can be avoided by taking local trains. […]

Dog Pis, Brussels – Belgium

Dog Pis

What is it with Brussels and their peeing statues? The city is famous (if you can say such a thing) for its little boy peeing statue (Manneken Pis.) In the name of gender balance there is also a little girl peeing (Jeanneke Pis.) I found this statue on Rue Des Chartreux. I’m going to assume […]

The Graslei, Ghent – Belgium

Ghent - Belgium

[The Graslei, Ghent – Belgium] If you are looking for a picture postcard of medieval European street architecture, come to Ghent. The Graslei is a street lined with guild houses representing many centuries of building style. On my previous visit to Ghent I called it the best of Belgium in one city. Passing through Ghent […]

What do the Belgians really think of the British?

Eurostar Advertisement

To promote the new Brussels – London Eurostar service some advertisements have gone up all around Brussels which have caused a stir – the dream of every advertising agency. The one that has most tongues wagging is one of a football thug relieving himself in a cup of tea. [Eurostars cheeky ad campaign – London […]

In Pictures: The great Grote Markts of Belgium

Grote Markt Antwerp

If I have learnt one thing about Belgium it is they have cornered the great Grote Markt market. Belgium has some of the best preserved Town Squares (Grote Markt) in Europe. [Grote Markt, Antwerp (Antwerpen)] [Grote Markt – Brussels] [Grote Markt – Mechelen] [Grote Markt – Leuven] [Grote Markt – Kortrijk] [Grote Markt Cafes – […]

Armistice Day in Belgium

Armistice Day Mechelen

I found myself at the Grote Markt (Main Square) of Mechelen on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Much of the trench war of WWI was fought in Belgium. [Armistice Day in Mechelen – Belgium]

Vending Machine Beer

Vending Machine Beer

Belgium is a land where beer is taken seriously. There are over 1000 types of beer in Belgium. They even have beer in regular vending machines on the street. That would never work in any of the binge drinking Anglo-Celtic lands. [Vending Machine Beer in Ghent]