Nomadic News: Documentary on human trafficking – “help find a missing friend”

Sorrento Cafe

Greetings from Saigon. Lots of great links this week, but before I begin I want to highlight this documentary fundraising campaign. ‘The Human, Earth Project’ ‘The Human, Earth Project’ Kidnapped in Vietnam: ‘The Human, Earth Project’ is a feature-length documentary on the search for a kidnapped friend and to raise awareness of human trafficking. Ben […]

Nomadic News: February 9, 2014

Working in KL

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve just returned from a two week break in Indonesia and Malaysia and I now have another three month visa for Vietnam. It was great to get away and visit some new places, but part of the joy of going away is the feeling of coming back renewed. As I looked out […]

Nomadic News: January 26, 2014

Pulau Weh Office

Greetings from Pulau Weh, Indonesia. As my Vietnam visa expired this week and the new year celebrations are coming up I’ve taken the opportunity to get of Saigon for a couple of weeks. Weh Island is north of Sumatra and has no airport, so you have to get a ferry from Banda Aceh. Internet is […]