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Starting today I will be featuring interesting links that are related to travel and location independence/digital nomading. I plan to make this a weekly post, out every sunday. This is more to bookmark what I have read over the past week and to share it with you.

I’ll also feature books I’m reading and my office of the week.

Location independence

Christine from Almost Fearless is compiling a timeline of a brief history of digital nomading. I started working on the road in 2003, but the term digital nomad wasn’t used then so it is great to see someone trying to work out pivital moments. Christine makes a good point that most people who are working remotely aren’t blogging about it (like coders getting work from elance, for example) so there is no way of knowing how big this movement is.

A Digital Nomad in Rishikesh – Stephen Bugno finds a city in India that makes for an ideal working base.

The BBC highlighted three prominent digital nomads, when work is a nonstop vacation. It’s not really a nonstop vacation, but the headline made you click, no?

Budget Breakdowns

Alex in Wanderland kept track of how much a month in paradise costs (paradise being Gili Trawangan in Indonesia).

Kristin at Be My Travel Muse recorded what 6 months of traveling in Southeast Asia cost her.


Photos of Burning Man 2013 – A photo essay of the annual arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

What I’m Reading

Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow. I’ve been based in Ho Chi Minh City for most of this year so I have finally gotten round to reading more about its history. Vietnam: A History is considered to be the most comprehensive book on the Vietnam/American war so this is a good starter read. To give a better understanding of how the war began, Karnow covers the history from first European contact.

Office Of The Week

Nomadic Notes - Travel photos: Hanoi &emdash;
[Cong Caphe (Cong 35A branch) โ€“ Nguyen Huu Huan, Hanoi]

I just spent a week in Hanoi so I was of course trying out as many cafes as humanly possible. I found a few favourite places, one of which was Cong Caphe. I liked sitting outside by the balcony, with the din of motorcycle traffic down below. I’ve become accustomed to the sound of moto’s, and it may even boost my productivity in the same way that white noise in the background helps some people to concentrate. A cafe post is coming soon.


  1. Hey James, Thanks for featuring me here! I’m always on the lookout for great places for digital nomads to set up temporary shop (but haven’t been at it quite as long as you. Wow! Since 2003!) Next Digital Nomad post will come from Kathmandu.

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