Nomadic News: January 26, 2014

Greetings from Pulau Weh, Indonesia. As my Vietnam visa expired this week and the new year celebrations are coming up I’ve taken the opportunity to get of Saigon for a couple of weeks.

Weh Island is north of Sumatra and has no airport, so you have to get a ferry from Banda Aceh. Internet is patchy but my bungalow has wifi and I have a data for my phone on a local sim card. People who visit here come for the diving so it’s not really an island for working.

Here is this weeks Nomadic News!

Location Independence

Slouching Toward NimmanhaeminDamien Walter reports on how Chiang Mai has become a haven for digital nomads seeking a escape from the higher costs of living in Western cultures.

Readers’ tales of extreme commuting – Stories like these leave me thankful to be working from home.

Three alternative digital nomad hubs for South America.

How to work remotely and travel the world.

Cost Of Living

Chiang Mai Monthly Bills – A Chiang Mai cost of living breakdown with a comparison of expenses from living in the US.


The Man Behind ViralNova on the Viral Bubble – Are you sick of those Upworthy/Viralnova headlines yet? Well apparently they still work. The man behind Viralnova “created ViralNova as a side project to attempt to make some extra money while traveling” and in the process created a million dollar Adsense site.

Producer Adi Shankar’s 13 Rules For Breaking Into Hollywood – An interview filled with exceptional quotes to live by that can be equally applied to business and life outside the film industry.

Office Of The Week

Iboih - Pulau Weh, Indonesia

Coffee time in the village of Iboih in Pulau Weh, Indonesia. There was no wifi here which is sometimes a good thing as I get to do all those offline tasks without internet distractions. Note the coffee with sweetened condensed milk. In Indonesia they let you add sweetened condensed milk to your own taste.


  1. Oh man, “office of the week” is what I’m talking about! Yeah bring it ON!!! That’s the way to work (and live).

  2. We lived in Chiang Mai for 2 months last summer. While certainly interesting and cheap, there are also certain downsides to the place. For one, wifi tends to be very erratic. Temperature is unchanging and hot. There is not really relaxing walking around, except for the city centre, but that’s overrun by tourists. It is still a great place, especially for driving around with our moterbike to the countryside, but for the long term I found it too limited.

  3. I just browsed your website and just couldn’t believe that you have traveled in so many exotic countries. Congratulations for turning your life into an amazing adventure.
    The coffee in that picture does not seem so tasty. However, the view behind your laptop is breath taking.
    Looking forward to your next posts.

  4. James, I really love your office of the week and the sweet coffee on the table looks nothing but delicious! It’s good sometimes to find these remote places without wifi and it’s even better for relaxing or getting actual work done when you are off the grid for a while. But in terms of Indonesia, I must admit I have only been as far as Medan and Bukit Lawang on Sumatra, but when I get the change to go back, I will make sure to go further north and check out Pulau Weh. It looks lovely there… 🙂

    • Thanks Dennis – I like finding these offices!

      I went to Medan and Bukit Lawang on my first trip to Sumatra and realised that I would not have enough time for the northern end so I opted out as well.

  5. I would love for my office to have that view. At least stress would be worth it. Anyway, I went to Saigon too a couple of years back but back then we didn’t really know what to do there, and I ended up sleeping and eating the whole three days.

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