Where I’m At: Saigon – wandering some of the other 23 districts

James in Saigon

[When flying into SGN get the “A” seat to get a great view of the ciy.] Greetings from Saigon. After arriving from Hong Kong on the first of April I found a new room within a day and got back into a routine of eating street food, meeting friends, and working from cafes. Where I’ve […]

Where I’m At: Hong Kong – heading back to Saigon

Market Hong Kong

[Reclamation Street Market – Hong Kong] Greetings from Hong Kong. Whenever I am here it usually means I am coming or going from a big trip. I was here last October and now I’m heading back to Saigon after a couple of months of travel. When I visit Hong Kong I often stay at the […]

Where I’m At: Melbourne – In Australia for my annual visit


[Marvellous Melbourne.] Greetings from Melbourne. I’m back in Australia for my annual visit which involves visiting family and sorting through a years worth of mail that still gets sent to me. Melbourne is such a great city and I can see how I lived here for so long. Every time I return though I feel […]

Where I’m At: Saigon – packing up for another roadtrip

Saigon Construction

[Leaving Saigon in a mess of reconstruction.] Greetings from Saigon. I’m constantly tinkering with my publishing format so this year I will endeavor to publish a monthly update of Where I’m At, featuring future travel plans, and what I’ve been up to for the past month. Where I’ve Been I’ve been in Vietnam on a […]

Where I’m At: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Greetings from Buenos Aires. I’m in Argentina and Uruguay for 3 weeks thanks to Air France/KLM, who are flying me from London. My first leg of the trip was from London to Amsterdam, and then onwards to Buenos Aires with KLM. I have friends who have lived in Buenos Aires (or visited longer than they […]

Where I’m At: Autumn in Amsterdam

Bikes - Amsterdam

[Bridges and bicycles – a common scene in Amsterdam.] It occurred to me this week while I was seeing my breath that I have been in tropical/hot climates since July last year, thus my 15 month summer came to an end when I arrived in London last week. Not that I mind as I’m enjoying […]

Where I’m At: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Greetings from Hong Kong International Airport. Out of all the airports I hub through HKG remains one of my favourites (up there with SIN), mainly for its clean, uncluttered layout and free wifi. And of course it is attached to one of the great cities of the world. Whenever I have a flight that is […]

Where I’m At: Taipei – markets and meetups

Raohe St night market

Greetings from Taipei. I’ve been here for ten days and I’m glad to have allocated two weeks here. I’ve gotten into a steady routine where I go to my preferred cafe in the morning to work, then go exploring for the rest of the day. One of the highlights so far has been all the […]

Where I’m At: Taipei

Archway - Taipei

[The Archway – Taipei.] Greetings from Taipei. I’ve had three days here now and I’m glad I have given myself two weeks. While you could probably see all the sights in a week I have a list of places to eat and cafes to visit that would need at least a month to visit. People […]

Where I’m At: Ho Chi Minh City – Upcoming travels

Temple - Ho Chi Minh City

[Temple in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam.] Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City. My three month visa expires in a few days so rather than extending it I will be getting back on the road. Here is what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks. On sunday I will be […]