How to get from Paris to Brussels by local train – The alternative to high speed rail


See four cities in one day and save on high speed rail reservation fees. One of the things I love about having a Eurail Pass is being able to jump onto almost any train and go. While there are some train services that require a reservation fee, this can be avoided by taking local trains. […]

Save money on flights using alternative airports in Europe

Schiphol Airport

Before my first trip to Europe I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where Karlsruhe, Katowice or Klagenfurt was on the map. Since then I not only know where they are, I have used their airports and have saved hundreds of Euros in the process. [Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Closest isn't always cheapest] My […]

29 Euro train tickets from Budapest to Munich

Budapest - Munich Train

MÁV, the train operators of Hungary, have special ticket prices from Budapest to locations around Europe. I got a ticket from Budapest to Munich for €29. [Budapest to Munich] The tickets aren’t apparent to find online. I only knew about the ticket offer from billboards in Budapest and there is no indication of the special […]

European City Names and why Köln is Cologne

Cologne Station

Many cities in Europe are spelt differently in English to how they are actually spelt. For example Firenze in Italian is Florence in English. First time visitors to Europe may not be aware of different spellings for city names. Some name changes are obvious enough as only a small change is made. Roma becomes Rome […]

Train travel with a Benelux Rail Pass

Centrale Luxembourg

If you are planning to travel in Belgium and the Netherlands then you may want to consider a Benelux rail pass. (Benelux stands for BElgium NEtherlands and LUXembourg). For European residents there is the Benelux pass from InterRail, and for non European residents the Benelux pass is available from Rail Europe. This pass can be […]