Couchsurfing in Groningen, Netherlands

James in Groningen

[Groningen – Netherlands] Groningen is a city in the north of the Netherlands (in case you were wondering). I didn’t know much about it other than it would appear on Ryanair flight sales from London. I once met a guy from Groningen in Thailand who talked it up as a cool university city, so maybe […]

A bit of modernism in medieval Zwolle

Museum de Fundatie

I had never heard of Zwolle until the day before I visited. When planning my trip from Amsterdam to Groningen I saw I had to change train there. I looked it up and read that it has a medieval centre set inside a defensive canal. Sold! The old town area is a ten minute walk […]

The grand Amsterdam Centraal station

Amsterdam Centraal

I know I’ve said this about other stations, but Amsterdam Centraal is one of my favourite train stations in Europe. Lets just say it’s in my top 10. I’m travelling around Europe for one month with Eurail, who have provided my ticket. I started in Amsterdam and from here I’ll be visiting smaller cities that […]

727 Tran Hung Dao, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

727 Tran Hung Dao

The Saigon city skyline as viewed from an apartment tower in District 5, looking towards the office towers of District 1. The big concrete block that stands out in the middle of the photo is 727 Tran Hung Dao, which is said to be haunted. Looking at it from this viewpoint I wouldn’t say it […]

Advertising signs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Signs

[Nathan Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong] One of my favourite aspects of the Hong Kong urban landscape are these giant advertising signs that hang over roads. Hong Kong Travel Resources Hong Kong travel guide Hong Kong hotels Hong Kong photo gallery

Christ Church, Windhoek – Namibia

Christ Church, Windhoek - Namibia

Christ Church (Christuskirche) is a Lutheran church in Windhoek and the most prominent colonial landmark in the city. THe golden building to the rightis the Independence Memorial building. The church is on the intersection Robert Mugabe Ave and Fidel Castro Street which made me double take. I was looking for a street sign with both […]

Cheetah at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia


The Cheetah Conservation Fund is a conservation and research centre in Namibia, 44 km east of Otjiwarongo. See more photo in the Cheetah Conservation Fund photo gallery.

Brandberg Mountain, Namibia

Brandberg Mountain

Brandberg Mountain in the northwestern Namib Desert is the highest mountain in Namibia. I camped here for two days at a campsite near a dry riverbed. More photos can be found in the Brandberg Mountain photo gallery.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve, Namibia

Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Cape Cross on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia has one of the largest colonies of Cape Fur Seals in the world. The Cape Cross Seal Reserve is home to up to 200,000 seals, depending on the season. Seal bleats sound like a cross between a sheep and a cow, and the collective smell of hundreds […]

The old train station, Swakopmund – Namibia

Old Train Station - Swakopmund

Swakopmund is often described in the guide books as “Little Bavaria”. While that’s a bit of a stretch, the town (technically a city) has some buildings that wouldn’t be out of place in Southern Germany. I was in Swakop for three days with a group of travel writers visiting the Mad Max filming locations in […]