Hon Ba Island, Vung Tau – Vietnam

Vung Tau - Vietnam

Vung Tau is a beach city about 1.45 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City (depending on how crazy your driver is). I was warned in advance to not expect much of the beach, so my expectations were suitably met. The city itself is much nicer than I thought it would be and it’s a […]

Canal Boats, Bangkok – Thailand

Khlong Boats, Bangkok – Thailand

When it comes to public transport in Bangkok a useful east-west option is the Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat. The boats ply the Saen Saep canal along an 18 KM route and are a good option in peak hours when the roads are getting jammed. Just pray you don’t fall into the black doom that […]

Galungan Festival in Canggu, Bali – Indonesia

Galungan in Canggu, Bali

Galungan is a Balinese hindu holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma (good over evil). During this holiday penjor – bamboo poles with offerings attached on top – line the streets all over Bali. This picture is on Jalan Batu Bolong in Canggu. Travel Photos: Canggu photo gallery

Avenida de Portugal, Dili – East Timor

Avenida de Portugal, Dili - East Timor

The tree-lined Avenida de Portugal in Dili, East Timor. Travel Photos: Dili photo gallery

Sunset over Kupang, West Timor – Indonesia

Sunset Kupang

I spent a few days in Kupang while waiting for my visa to East Timor. There is not much to do here in the day but walking along the waterfront in the evening at least offers spectacular sunsets. Travel Photos: Kupang photo gallery

Sunrise at Kelimutu National Park, Flores – Indonesia

Sunrise at Kelimutu National Park

Two days previous to this photo I witnessed the sunrise over a volcano in Bajawa. That was pretty cool, but it was nothing compared to the sunrise show at Kelimutu National Park. I’m not one for hyperbole so consider that when I tell you; this was probably the best sunrise I have ever seen. Seriously, […]

Bena Village, Flores – Indonesia

Bena Village - Flores

Bena is a village near the city of Bajawa on the island of Flores in Indonesia. While most towns have since been concreted over there still remains some villages in Flores that have kept their traditional buildings. I visited a few of these villages on a day trip from Bajawa.

Gunung Inerie, Bajawa – Indonesia

Gunung Inerie

I have been posting sunsets of Indonesia of late, so just to prove that I do get up early and see the sun rise, here is the morning view from my hotel in the hill town of Bajawa in Flores. The volcano in the background is Gunung Inerie and watching it change colour as the […]

Komodo Dragons, Komodo National Park – Indonesia

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. Travel Photos: Komodo National Park photo gallery

Sunset over Labuan Bajo, Flores – Indonesia

Labuan Bajo Sunset

Labuan Bajo harbour at sunset, Flores – Indonesia. Travel Photos: Labuan Bajo photo gallery [Photo taken with Olympus PEN E-P3]