Hand of Punta del Este, Uruguay

Hand of Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Hand of Punta del Este (Mano de Punta del Este) is a sculpture at Brava Beach in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The hand (by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal) has become the landmark image of Punta del Este, and I’ve even seen it as the representative icon of Uruguay in some tourist brochures. Punta del […]

La calle de los suspiros (Whisper’s street), Colonia – Uruguay

Whisper's street, Colonia - Uruguay

[La calle de los suspiros (Whisper’s street), Colonia – Uruguay] Colonia del Sacramento was founded by the Portuguese in 1680 and the historic quarter of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is an easy day trip by boat from Buenos Aires, or a bus day trip from Montevideo. You can see […]

Poppies at the Tower of London

Poppies Tower of London

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red is an art installation in the moat of the Tower of London, commemorating the centenary of the start of World War I. At the start of October I was staying near the Tower of London so I would walk by every day and see the volunteers adding more […]

Tigre Delta, Argentina

Tigre Delta

Tigre is a town north of Greater Buenos Aires and is a popular day trip from the city. Tigre is the launch place for the Paraná Delta (commonly referred to as the Tigre Delta), which is a scenic waterway filled with weekend houses and campsites for those looking to escape the city. I visited Tigre […]

Obelisk of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a bit like my home city of Melbourne in that it’s a city with beautiful old buildings and leafy streets, but no iconic landmark that that you could use to represent the city. The landmark that represents BA is the Obelisco de Buenos Aires (Obelisk of Buenos Aires). The Obelisk is located […]

Travel Photo: Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam – Netherlands

Oude Kerk

When they say something is old in Europe, it’s old (by US and Australian standards at least). In the case of the Oude Kerk (Old Church) this is the oldest building in Amsterdam, having being founded in 1213. The church stands in Amsterdam’s main red-light district. I was in Amsterdam as a stopover on the […]

Hahn/Cock, London – UK


In London’s Trafalgar Square there is a spare plinth where instead of a stuffy statue of a “dead white man” there is a rotating public art installation. On my latest visit to London it features the sculpture Hahn/Cock, by the German artist Katharina Fritsch. Travel Photos: London photo gallery

Dim Sum steamers, Hong Kong

Dim Sum - Hong Kong

When I stay in Hong Kong I actually hope that where I am staying doesn’t offer breakfast. That way I don’t feel bad on skipping it because I would prefer to go out and look for breakfast dim sum. I was happy to see this pile of steamer baskets near my hotel, indicating that dim […]

Sung Shan Tzu Yu Temple, Taipei – Taiwan

Sung Shan Tzu Yu Temple

Sung Shan Tzu Yu Temple near the Raohe St night market in Taipei, Taiwan. Travel Photos: Taipei photo gallery

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei – Taiwan

CKS Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall dedicated to the memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President Taipei, Republic of China (ROC). Travel Photos: Taipei photo gallery