A day in Paris is better than no day in Paris

St Martins Canal

Passing through the grim outer suburbs of Paris on the train from CDG Airport I wondered if I made a mistake coming back for just one day. Was Paris as wonderful as I remembered it to be, or was it a trick of the mind that tends to romanticise places long after you have been? […]

Notes on Montevideo

The Rambla

The second leg of my South American trip was to Montevideo, Uruguay. As part of this trip I was flown as a guest with Air France/KLM to a destination in their South American network. I opted to visit Buenos Aires. Being so close to an international border though I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit […]

Notes on Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

I love wandering around big cities and one city I’ve always wanted to visit for urban exploration was Buenos Aires. I ended up spending 11 days in BA, and I could have easily spent more time given the chance. I can see how many travellers I’ve met have ended up staying for way longer than […]

Notes on Taipei

Taipei - Taiwan

My visit to Taipei was also my first time in Taiwan. Rather than rush around and try and visit the whole island I dedicated two weeks to exploring Taipei and decided to visit the rest of the island another time. Two weeks turned out to be a good amount of time to linger and explore […]

New Country Day: Uruguay

Uruguay Flag

Country: Uruguay Date: 22 October 2014 I’ve gotten better at resisting borders that are close by, but in the case of visiting Uruguay it made sense to visit while I was in Buenos Aires in Argentina. The two countries are separated by the Uruguay river and the Rio de la Plate. Even if you are […]

New Country Day: Argentina

Argentina Flag

Country: Argentina Date: 11 October 2014 Todays New Country Day is also New Continent Day as this is my first visit to South America. Argentina wasn’t even on my travel radar for 2014 until about 2 months ago. I’m here for a writing assignment which will also take me to Uruguay. I arrived at 6am […]

Lounge Review: KLM Crown Lounge – Amsterdam Schiphol

KLM Crown Lounge

As part of my trip to South America in partnership with Air France/KLM, I had a stopover in Amsterdam for a few days. I was flying economy to Buenos Aires but I was given a lounge pass by KLM to use for the day. As my flight was at 9pm and I had a midday […]

Cafes to work from in Taipei

Taipei Cafes

If you are looking for a city in Asia to base yourself as a writer or digital nomad then add Taipei to your consideration list. With 90 day visa on arrival for most western countries and unadulterated internet, Taipei is a good base for location independent types. Taipei is well known for its food scene […]

I’m going to South America!

Air France-KLM South America

South America has been a glaring omission in my travels so I’m happy to announce I will be making a trip to Argentina and Uruguay this month. For this trip I am partnering with Air France/KLM who are providing my flights from London to Buenos Aires and Montevideo back to London, via their respective hubs […]

In Pictures: Occupy Hong Kong Protests (29 September, 2014)

Occupy Hong Kong

I landed in Hong Kong and arrived in the middle of the biggest protests Hong Kong has seen since being handed back to China in 1997. The protests are over Beijing’s decision to screen candidates for elections. These photos were from the protest around the Central/Admiralty area of Hong Kong, on Hong Kong Island (#OccupyCentral […]