Nomadic News: April 20, 2014


Greetings from Saigon for what may be the last Saigon greeting for the next few months. I will be back on the road next week looking into some new work locations, and of course trying out cafes where ever I go. Here are this weeks nomadically inclined links: 4 Years of Location Independence – John […]

Nomadic News: April 6 2014

Lusine - Saigon

Welcome to the latest edition of Nomadic News; links to location independence and travel. This week I am also featuring a project to help bring clean water to Lombok in Indonesia. The Paradigm Water Project is a project set up by Andy Hill, and American who has been living in Asia for the last five […]

Nomadic News: March 23, 2014

Bang Khuang Cafe

Welcome to the latest edition of Nomadic News; links to location independence and the life digital nomadic. Location Independence Digital Nomad Location Spotlight: Ambergris Caye, Belize How I make money while traveling (and how you can afford it too) – Mark Wiens from Migrationology details how he has monetised his delicious travel sites. Budget Breakdowns […]

Nomadic News: March 9, 2014

Morning Cafe

Here is this weeks Nomadic News; links to location independence and general digital nomaddery. Links Of The Week First Impressions: What’s it like to live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? – Terry Lin gives a detailed report on what it’s like living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Why you should drop out […]

Nomadic News: Documentary on human trafficking – “help find a missing friend”

Sorrento Cafe

Greetings from Saigon. Lots of great links this week, but before I begin I want to highlight this documentary fundraising campaign. ‘The Human, Earth Project’ ‘The Human, Earth Project’ Kidnapped in Vietnam: ‘The Human, Earth Project’ is a feature-length documentary on the search for a kidnapped friend and to raise awareness of human trafficking. Ben […]

Nomadic News: February 9, 2014

Working in KL

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve just returned from a two week break in Indonesia and Malaysia and I now have another three month visa for Vietnam. It was great to get away and visit some new places, but part of the joy of going away is the feeling of coming back renewed. As I looked out […]

Nomadic News: January 26, 2014

Pulau Weh Office

Greetings from Pulau Weh, Indonesia. As my Vietnam visa expired this week and the new year celebrations are coming up I’ve taken the opportunity to get of Saigon for a couple of weeks. Weh Island is north of Sumatra and has no airport, so you have to get a ferry from Banda Aceh. Internet is […]

Nomadic News: January 12, 2014

Cafe Ducoin Saigon

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve been back here for two weeks but my visa runs out next week so I will be doing my first visa run for the year. This coincides with the Tet holiday (the lunar new year in Vietnam) so I will making out like half of the residents of Ho Chi Minh […]

Nomadic News: December 29, 2013

Kita Cafe

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve just returned to Vietnam after a few weeks back “home” in Melbourne. It was great to go back after an absence of a year and a half. I like noticing what has changed after being away for a while, and it was weird to hear the Australian accent everywhere. Wow, do […]

Nomadic News: December 8 2013

M2C Cafe

Greetings from Saigon. I’ve been back here for six weeks, which means it’s about time to go again. This week I will be heading back to Australia for the Christmas holidays. I haven’t had an Ozzie Christmas since 2009, and I haven’t been back to Australia for a year and a half, so I am […]