Nomadic News: August 17, 2014

Kamakura Cafe

Here is this weeks edition of Nomadic News. Location Independence Want to go location independent with kids? Here are 6 things to consider – Caz at ytravelblog shows that it’s possible to live the location independent lifestyle with a family. What is the cost of living in Indonesia? – Budget breakdown by The Internet […]

Nomadic News: August 3, 2014

Work in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Greetings from Mui Ne, Vietnam. Here is this weeks edition of Nomadic News. Location Independence The world’s best start-up hubs: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – An interview with Jon Myers on Saigon start-up culture. NomadList – This site lists the best cities to live an work remotely, ranking cost of living. The date is […]

Nomadic News: July 20, 2014

M2C Cafe

Greetings from Saigon! Here is this weeks edition of Nomadic News. Work And Travel How to travel the world for life (and work while you travel) – Benny Lewis has just celebrated his 11 year travel anniversary, and to celebrate he is telling you how to do it too. How we make money travel blogging […]

Nomadic News: July 6 2014

Loft Cafe

Greetings from Saigon for another edition of Nomadic News! Location Independence and Entrepreneurship Meet the new digital nomads – Lonely Planet interviews some digital nomads (including yours truly) who have brought their jobs to a new location. Where Do the Smartest People Move? – A new report finds that higher intelligence is linked with rural-to-city […]

Nomadic News: June 22, 2014

Casa Lapin - Bangkok

Greetings from Saigon for this weeks edition of Nomadic News! Location Independence and Entrepreneurship The Top 10 Lifestyle Design Cities – 2014 Edition – Dan Andrews has compiled a comprehensive list of cities suitable for digital nomads to base from. A month at a time: Why I quit travelling and started living mini-lives – This […]

Nomadic News: June 8, 2014

Beach Hotel - Dili

Greetings from Bangkok for this weeks edition of Nomadic News! Location Independence A bum without a country – Mike Gogulski builds a life outside the state. Interesting read about a guy who renounced his US citizenship without having another citizenship lined up. Where is the cheapest place to buy citizenship? – If you were to […]

Nomadic News: May 25, 2014

Office of the week: Kupang - Indonesia

Greetings from Dili, East Timor. I’ve been travelling through the islands of Flores and Timor, which is a great place to snorkel coral reefs, climb volcanoes, and swim in natural hot springs. It’s not so great for internet and big city comforts. I resigned myself to not getting anything done for 2 weeks, so any […]

Nomadic News: May 11, 2014

Revolver - Bali

Greetings from Bali. After months of being stationary in Saigon I am back on the road again and finding my work/travel balance. In between travelling, meeting up with people, and working from a bed in a guesthouse, my work output has taken a nosedive. I was scheduled to put out a Nomadic News last week […]

Nomadic News: April 20, 2014


Greetings from Saigon for what may be the last Saigon greeting for the next few months. I will be back on the road next week looking into some new work locations, and of course trying out cafes where ever I go. Here are this weeks nomadically inclined links: 4 Years of Location Independence – John […]

Nomadic News: April 6 2014

Lusine - Saigon

Welcome to the latest edition of Nomadic News; links to location independence and travel. This week I am also featuring a project to help bring clean water to Lombok in Indonesia. The Paradigm Water Project is a project set up by Andy Hill, and American who has been living in Asia for the last five […]